Custom software development

Far Rainbow Custom Software Development

We provide a comprehensive range of services including the development of software and web and mobile applications; software implementation, integration, and support; and consulting to government and commercial companies around the world.

Our team includes people with 20+ years of experience in IT and a portfolio of completed projects in the field of Smart City, Education, Blockchain, BigData, web portals, business intelligence and others. Many of them are certified by the world’s leading technology companies as project managers, product managers, system architects, etc.

Our specialists and expertise

Our multinational team brings together experts in the following areas:

  • Software development in languages: Java, Python, JavaScript (Node.JS, React.JS, Nest.JS, Express.JS, Angular), PHP, C++/C/C#, Kotlin, ASP.NET, Golang and others;
  • Work with databases: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle and others;
  • Development of mobile applications for Android and iOS;
  • Customization of your existing software and integration of third-party solutions;
  • Specialists in Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, High Loaded Systems, High Performance Computing;
  • We also have experienced project managers, mobile app designers and web designers (UI/UX), business analysts, system analysts, DevOps specialists, technical support specialists, and technical writers;
  • Project and product management, business and system analytics.

Custom Development

We develop software based on your technical or business requirements:

  • You set us the task.
  • Our team carries out the entire software development process, providing work results for each reporting period.
  • Project specifications and budget are fixed in the contract.
  • We are responsible for the organization of the project team and the results under the contract.
Outsource your software or mobile application development tasks to the Far Rainbow team.

Far Rainbow Custom Software Development
Far Rainbow Time&Material

Time & Material

We provide you with the necessary specialists at the hourly or monthly rate, you set tasks for them, coordinate the project team and are responsible for the results of the work.

That is, you pay us only for hiring specialists for the time that they work on your project.

Prototypes & No-Code

Are you a startup or do you need to test a hypothesis before developing a new product? We are able to create prototypes and MVP (minimal viable product) on time and at minimal cost. To do this, we use Low-Code and No-Code technologies.

We are the official Certified Professional Service Partner of make, which enables us to quickly and easily connect various data sources, transform and transfer information to other systems.

In addition, our partnership guarantees you transparent use of this service in order to create a prototype of your MVP and with minimal investment.

Far Rainbow Prototype MVP
Far Rainbow Transparent development process

Transparent development process

You can easily control the development process and progress:

Each project is divided into stages when developing and verification of results (Sprints in Scrum). The duration of the sprint is from 1 to 4 weeks, during which the team works on the project: creates a design, writes code, performs product testing, etc.

At the end of the stage, we hold a “demo day,” demonstrating the results of the work and answering customer and user questions. Together, we then determine the priority tasks to be performed in the next Sprint.


We provide an sms-messaging service for our clients under Stertell brand name. Get the benefits from instantaneous distribution. Deliver your messages directly into the eager hands of users. Subscribers keep tabs on their SMS inboxes more often than any other message center, often in a matter of seconds after their handsets vibrate.

Almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone, making SMS the most potent communication channel by far. Stertell gives you a truly global reach. SMS is the most powerful, straightforward and rapidly scalable tool for your business, regardless of whether you’re a multinational brand or a local start-up.

For the companies, we offer Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps, Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging and P2A – text messages from User to Application.

For the operators, cooperation with Stertell as a single hub for all types of SMS traffic means passing traffic along transparent routes, dividing by traffic types, increasing traffic and income of the Operator. You’ll get the following capabilities: Traffic monetization, Transparent delivery process and Guaranteed profit for operators.

Far Rainbow - sms-messaging Stertell
Developers with magnifying glass studying data analytics. Database research and management, search analysis, big data statistics and sharing concept. Vector isolated illustration.

Machine learning and data science

  • Video analytics and computer vision

Identification and characterization of people, objects. Monitoring the implementation of safety regulations, determining the portrait of buyers, monitoring the traffic situation, etc. Recognition and segmentation of images

  • Audio analytics and dialogue systems

Recognition of sounds and audio events, speaker verification, script control. Voice commands. Natural language understanding, recognition of intentions and communication of a “smart” system with people.

  • Predictive models, smart analytics and monitoring.

Prediction of indicators, events, recommendations for action based on big data analysis. Including predictive models of subscriber churn, supply volume for the retail sector, etc.

  • Working with open sources of information.
Search for mass trends, connections of persons and events using information from social networks and other open information sources. Working with unstructured information. Development of ontologies.
  • Edge AI and hardware integration
Unique technologies for accelerating and compressing neural networks for using neural networks on a mobile devices with a typical CPU without Internet connection.




Most frequent questions and answers​

Most often we use flexible development methods such as Scrum or Canban, but also we can work on Waterfall. The choice of approach depends on the willingness of our partners to communicate with the project team, the readiness for changes and risks in the development process, and other features of each particular project.

Depending on the project goals and objectives, the team includes the following specialists:
  • Analyst
  • Designer
  • Technical Leader / System architect
  • Project Manager
  • Developers (web / front-end, back-end / server side, mobile, etc.)
  • Testing Specialists or QA (QualityAssurance)
  • DevOps or System administrators
  • Others as needed (Datascientists, experts, etc.)
Before a project commences, there will be thorough consultation with the customer. You will have the opportunity to learn about the experience the team members bring to the project, and we will decide upon the technical requirements together. When we sign a contract for custom development, we guarantee the implementation of all the functionality described in the Technical Requirements for the time and budget specified in the contract.

Working with us, you get a team that transforms your idea into high-quality software. A successful product, in our opinion, must meet three criteria: 

  1. Designed in accordance with your requirements and wishes – you are satisfied with the result both in technical and emotional criteria.
  2. Done right – all functions described in the Technical Requirements are implemented and function correctly.

  3. The project was properly managed – you walk away with working software (information system) and source codes with a necessary level of comments and project documentation which make it possible to further develop the project with either us or a third-party team.
The time and cost of development depends on several elements:
  • Scope of work described in the Technical Requirements;
  • The number of specialists involved in the project;
  • Technical readiness of other customers’ information systems.
We are often approached by innovative entrepreneurs who have great ideas but lack the technical expertise to develop them. This is not a problem: our business analysts and project managers have a thorough understanding of business processes and ideas and are able to formulate tasks in a technical language.

While working on a project, you are in contact mainly with the project manager and analyst. During the demo days, other specialists are also involved to jointly discuss key project details as necessary.


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