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We develop products in the field of SmartCity and the interaction of citizens with local governments. Our products are based on OpenSource solutions and in the near future some of our products will also be available as source codes as our desire to be a reliable provider of high-quality and safe solutions that help people

Electronic Referendum Platform

An electronic referendum system allows you to conduct regular public opinion polls. You can create your own targeted survey based on Blockchain Technology, including features that allow you to communicate with your audience. Audience reach is maximised through modern communication channels.

  • Maximum audience reach through modern communication channels.
  • Conduct targeted surveys.
  • Communications with your audience.
  • Based on Blockchain Technology.


ParCar is a parking management system that allows:
  • city authorities to reduce the cost of organising parking spaces;
  • parking owners get a powerful solution for managing their infrastructure and working with customers;
  • drivers use a convenient tool to search for available parking spaces and easy payment.

Smart Commune

Smart Commune is a unique system that uses the active participation of citizens and their interaction with the local government to improve quality of life and city appearance.
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