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Far Rainbow Custom Develop Solutions

We develop products in the field of Smart City and the interaction of citizens with local governments, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and chatbots.

We offer solutions developed by our team, as well as highly specialized solutions developed by the world’s leading companies. Many of these products are ready to be deployed out of the box. We are ready to help you with their implementation in the business processes of your company and offer customization if required.

SmartTracker FRS

The best tool for facial recognition in high-traffic places:

  • State-of-the-art facial recognition solution
  • Real-time identification of individuals in the field
  • Enhancement of safety and security in high-traffic places
  • Database (up to several millions cards) containing face images and metadata

SmartTracker FRS


Omnichannel natural language dialogue platform:

  • natural dialogue
  • up-to-date information and fast service
  • advanced analytics capabilities
  • easy creation of effective bots
  • proactive dialogue


Voice authentication platform:

  • Remote user authentication
  • Fraud prevention in contact centers
  • Biometrics authentication in mobile application.

IKAR Lab 3

IKAR Lab 3 is a professional hardware and software solution for advanced speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration and voice comparison functions.


Intelligent video analytics system based on face and silhouette recognition.

The product detects faces in the video stream in real time, counts people accurately, checks faces against the watch lists, sends notifications upon match detection, and much more.

Advanced recognition algorithms, user-friendly interface, wide functionality and implementation capabilities make the product ideal for government and business tasks.

Far Rainbow Modern device with a face recognition concept
Far Rainbow ParCar Parking Management System


Complex solution for car parks:

  • Number plates recognition;
  • Car park monitoring;
  • Payments control;
  • Video cameras vendor-independent
  • Violations control.


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