Rapid and cost-effective application development

Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise business applications in Java. Jmix helps you to create feature-rich applications with less code, saving you time, effort and IT budget.

Jmix pushes the business forward

Jmix is your friendly open-source companion for crafting top-tier enterprise applications using Java. Imagine waving goodbye to the complexity of building CRUD interfaces, admin panels, internal tools, dashboards, and even BPM systems – Jmix makes it a breeze!

Here’s the lowdown on why Jmix is your next go-to for application development:

→ At the core of Jmix is an open-source framework that’s like a rock-solid foundation for your projects. It’s intertwined with Spring and other beloved Java technologies, so you’re starting on the right foot.

→ Step into the world of Jmix Studio, the professional IDE that feels like a magic wand for your project configuration, data model crafting, and UI designing. As a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, it transforms your development journey into an efficient and visually pleasing experience.

→ Need some extra oomph? Jmix has a treasure trove of add-ons ready to tackle specific technical and business challenges. Whether it’s data auditing, email features, report generation, or streamlining Business Processes, these add-ons are your ready-made building blocks.

→ Whether you’re a Java aficionado or a Kotlin enthusiast, Jmix speaks your language. Opt for either to seamlessly knit together your business logic and web UI, ensuring a smooth development ride and a harmonious codebase.

💡 Is Jmix the right fit for you?

If you’re looking to construct complex back-office web applications with hefty data models, sophisticated user interfaces, and solid transactional business logic, Jmix is your hero. It’s equally adept at whipping up a backend with an administrative UI for front office web or mobile applications. Jmix shines particularly bright when your application demands.