Far Rainbow is a software development company. Our team has wide international experience in developing various software and mobile applications, from web portals to artificial intelligence systems, from entertainment applications to educational systems.

We are very attentive to the tasks of our customers and the software development process. For us, custom software development is a production that begins with a lot of preparatory work with the customer, designing, developing user interface designs and writing analytical materials, in order to ultimately bring our client’s idea to life in the best possible way.

Confessing the product approach and the customer development methodology, we clearly define the success criteria for each software product:

  • The product meets the expectations and needs of the customer – the customer is satisfied with the result, the product.
  • The product implements all the features and ideas that the project author put into it. The software product does what it should and how it should.
  • The product development was carried out correctly from the point of view of management, technologically justified, source codes are well documented, and it can be further developed by any development team (ours or third-party)

In our company, you will find all the necessary expertise for the realization of projects of any complexity at a fair price.

We have:

  1. Full-stack developers (Java, Python, .Net, React.JS, Node.JS, Express.JS, Golang, Angular and others);
  2. Developers of mobile applications for Android and iOS;
  3. Experts in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL and other databases;
  4. Business analytics and system analytics;
  5. Experts in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence;
  6. User interface designers (UI/UX, web and mobile).
  7. Manual & automated testing specialists;
  8. Product owners, product managers;
  9. Project managers;
  10. Technical support and DevOps engineers.

Also, together with our partners, we developed several products and now offer them to our customers along with implementation, customization and support services.

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