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We develop new software products, improve and take care of existing ones, and provide inexpensive rentals. Also, we to you offer turnkey solutions along with customization and integration. Any of your ideas will be realized on time, efficiently, and at a fair price.

What we do

Web & Mobile Applications

AI & Big Data Analysis

High-Loaded Systems

Smart Cities

UX/UI Design

Product Management

Our mission

We strive to provide customers with innovative IT solutions and services, helping businesses to grow and increase their effectiveness both functionally and economically. We also aim to provide private and public organizations with digital technologies and tools that improve the quality of life, safety and confidence of people.


Far Rainbow Electronic Referendum Platform

We design and develop software, integrate it into the existing IT infrastructure, and continue to support it throughout its life cycle. By carefully studying all the details and features of the subject area, we identify the best practices and algorithms for implementing the project to create high-quality products. Customers will work in close contact with the development team to ensure that the products they receive meet their requirements and fulfill their creative potential.

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