SmartTracker FRS

Intelligence Identity Solutions

Product family of smart solutions based on AI-algorithms of computer vision for any ID application:

Public Safety

Safe City


ID management

Touchless Access Control

Digital On-Boarding

SmartTracker FRS

Watchlist Alerting System

Ready-to-use solution based on the AI-algorithms that can identify persons of interest in real-time or retrospectively without any limitations in numbers of connected cameras or video-archive while keeping privacy of bystanders.

Investigation Case Management

Database management solution which helps to decrease the time for person identification on the big databases of images or video-files. Can be used as integrated task management solution for LAW enforcement agencies or as stand-alone tools for experts.

Touchless Access Control

Touchless access control solutions for any type of installation. Variety of technical solutions from software only to all-in-one systems for touchless seamless access contro with optional integration with 3rd party access control systems.

Our benefits

  • Cross-Platform (WIN/UNIX/ARM)
  • Scalability (horizontal and vertical)
  • Fault tolerance
  • Support for any cameras
  • Open API with documentation and examples (REST)
  • Installers and manuals for supported platforms
  • System management and analytics tools monitoring user actions

  • Ability to build reports and export data
  • Flexible differentiation of access rights
  • Data sync
  • Customizable interface for operational control
    and decision support
  • Training courses and implementation support
  • Liveness (optional anti-spoofing technology)
  • Solutions for privacy guidelines (GDPR and etc.)