GridID: Multimodal Biometric Media Processing System

Designed for audio and video data enrolment and processing, accelerates the investigation process.

Key advantages

110+ implementations
11 countries
years on market

GridID system is designed for security establishments 
and forensic laboratories performing tasks of combating organized crime, fraud, corruption, terrorism and other types of security threat.

GridID coverage

Data collection
  • GridID BioDB
  • GridID Voice
  • GridID CC
  • GridID Sampler
  • GridID TotalScan

GridID Analytics


GridID Lab (IKAR Lab 3)

Correctional Facilities



Data-flow Processing

Automatic processing of data-flow from different sources with priority action

Connecting / Integration

Connection to various monitoring centers and databases for processing and analysis

Target Voices Alert

Online alerting of supervisor if the ongoing call contains the voice which matches with the hotlist

Nation-Wide Scalability

National biometric accounting system with up to 300 million DB recordings with voice and face



Real-time voice biometric identification system for emergency and special call centers

GridID Sampler

Voice and face biometric samples collection software

GridID Analytics

Analysis of large amounts of structured and unstructured data

GridID Lab

New generation of forensic audio and video analysis software and hardware suite

GridID Voice

Automated processing and search in data archives and streams from various resources

GridID TotalScan

Biometric processing of all telephone conversations of subscribers

GridID BioDB

Multi-biometric identification

GridID Platform

Cluster subsystem ready for embedding

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