SmartTracker FRS

Face recognition system

The product allows you to identify faces and prevent crime, control the situation in a complicated epidemiological environment, as well as improve business efficiency by enriching customer data and reducing reputational losses.

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It takes less than 1 second to recognize a face and send a notification


up to 99% face recognition accuracy


Flexible system scalability with unlimited cameras and database entries

Vendor independence

Camera compatibility regardless of manufacturer

GDPR compliance

Processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR requirements


Corporate security

Facial recognition allows you to improve safety in enterprises and offices, providing efficient access and time tracking without inconvenience to employees.

Access control system with facial biometrics at a large enterprise successfully solves the problem of access control in a mass influx of people at the beginning and end of the working shift period, saving time for both employees who have forgotten the pass, and the security guards.

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Facial recognition technology can help increase sales and reduce costs for your store. Identify customers at the store entrance, discover shoplifters, preventing theft and business losses, provide personal service to your VIPs, increasing their loyalty and purchase volume.

The algorithm analyzes your visitors’ gender and age, allowing you to evaluate your marketing strategy efficiency and determine the commercial target audience.

Financial institutions

Spot offenders and welcome VIP clients with the help of prime facial recognition software. Improve the quality of potential borrowers scoring and reduce the risks associated with the staff. SmartTracker lets you get the most out of your business security.

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Game industry

Recognize VIP guests as soon as they enter the casino and provide the highest level of service. The system allows you to seamlessly inform security personnel about the appearance of unwanted visitors and prevent them from entering the casino. You will be able to customize offers thanks to the statistics of visits, identifying new or returning customers, analyzing the average time spent in the place.

Online dating services

Gain user trust with unique verification solutions for dating sites and apps. The high level of security of the service will encourage the active use of premium services. Save money by reducing server load and streamlining the moderation process. SmartTracker allows you to clear traffic, which has a positive effect on the platform’s reputation and increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns and promotions.

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Public security

Creating a comfortable and safe urban environment is of paramount importance. Face biometrics plays a vital role in this task. On the one hand, SmartTracker enables city officials to collect the big data essential for urban planning. On the other hand, it ensures the city safety by helping law enforcement agencies identify offenders, locate criminals at large, and find missing people.

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Security on the transport

Railways, airports, sea and river ports, subway, train stations, and public ground transport are not the only means of transportation for intruders and terrorists but are also likely targets for their attacks. In this regard, the task of ensuring the safety of transport infrastructure facilities is of critical importance.
Highest accuracy and speed are what make SmartTracker a perfect transport safety solution. As a side-benefit, facial recognition systems help to deal with issues faced by airlines and major land-based transport operators worldwide, namely reducing border and passport control speed and increasing passenger traffic volumes.

Educational institutions

We have designed a system that will help students get to class quickly and safely, reduce the amount of paperwork for teachers and notify parents of any inconsistencies. With the introduction of advanced technology, educational institutions become a place where everyone enjoys working and learning.

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Mobile biometric system

The mobile biometric system based on the facial recognition platform is an exclusive solution that guarantees the safety of cultural and sporting events. The system provides control in areas of anti-terrorist operations and “hot spots”. Facial recognition technology at public events facilitates access control, increases the level of security and allows identification of intruders.


The main challenge faced by every country exposed to coronavirus is the sudden surge of infected people who make the healthcare system running at its limit, thereby increasing the risk of it shutting down completely. Being able to set up an intelligent surveillance system that decreases the manpower requirements is crucial.
SmartTracker offers a hand in establishing an unprecedented level of control over the quarantine situation by employing facial recognition along with a number of associated technologies. CCTV cameras connected to the system detect and identify people in the streets in real time allowing for immediate response, while the AI analyzes social connections.

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