Electronic Referendum Platform

A technology platform that allows you to collect and process customer feedback and track customer behavior in real time


Feedback Collection
and Analysis Service

Creates a direct, controlled channel of communication with customers and analyzes complaints about various business issues.

Customer Behavior
Research Service

An effective tool for conducting large-scale surveys on various topics with the ability to target the audience


Maximum audience reach through modern communication channels

Universal Data
Analysis Service

Saving and analyzing the clients' feedback and information about their behaviour


  • Does not require the organization of stationary voting points, printing of ballots and information materials.
  • The electronic referendum system allows you to publish polls and receive statistics online.
  • The average time to create a new survey is 45 minutes, allowing you to quickly get started and get feedback from respondents.
  • Timely informing residents about the voting results.

Based on Blockchain Technology

With Blockchain Technology, anyone can follow the voting process by becoming a member of the Blockchain network. This gives you confidence in your poll and allows you to check the chronology of the votes and confirm their uniqueness.
An independent audit by PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC) confirmed that there 
was no impact on the course and results of voting, including the polls conducted with more than 300,000 participants.

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