Your Smart Virtual Business Assistant


ChatNavigator’s solutions (chatbots, virtual consultants, bots,
voice assistants) make it possible to have natural dialogues
using text or voice communications, fill in document forms,
and consult databases. Virtual assistants can communicate with both large audiences and smaller groups such as customers and staff.

They can use all available communication channels, including
messaging apps, social media, websites, mobile apps, online
shops, and call centres. What’s more, these channels are
interconnected and integrated with external databases and
information systems, creating a single control point for service


20 mln

Unique customer enquiries
per month in a large state-
owned company

5 mln

Unique users of the service
per month

80 %

Accuracy identifying
subject of queries

€ 235,000

Reduction in payroll budget
in one contact centre within
the first 6 months


Use cases

Recording orders/making bookings

Booking medical, beauty, and car repair appointments, reservation
of hotel rooms, admission tickets, and tables in restaurants.

Customer surveys

Surveying customers on service quality and logging customer

Reminders of orders/events

Reminders of medical, beauty, car repair appointments, and
conferences. Order confirmations on websites.

Notifying customers

Notifying customers of delivery status, account balance, and
upcoming payments.


Notification of promotions and special offers. Transfer to actual operators if interested.

Soft collection

Debt notifications and logging arrangements.